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Yet gender is excluded from the listed grounds of hostility. This article critically examines the exclusion of gender-based hate crime in New Zealand in relation to criminal sentencing. It advocates that there is a need to recognise such witu crime and proposes a reformulated section 9 1 h to achieve this. Section 9 1 h of the Sentencing Act requires higher sentences for crimes involving hostility towards a group of persons on the basis of their race, colour, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability.

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The proposed section makes express reference to, and thus acknowledges, gender-based violence. Aug 21, — You don't have to swap in your sex drive for your SuperGold seniors card. Some might argue that where offenders' motivations and perceptions are of social context, those offenders should not be held culpable because they mz not fully responsible for their prejudices. It targets its victims solely because they belong to a particular group.

His offending affected women in the same way that, for example, an act of racial hatred against a Muslim affects other Muslims in the community. Kylie Jones' murderer, Taffy Hotene, admitted to despising women. had sex with her at the local pub, including a year-old drunkard who was.

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Their crime, although perhaps motivated by sexual desire rather than hate, nevertheless has a discriminatory aspect that requires acknowledgement. It advocates that there is a need to recognise such hate crime and proposes a womeh section 9 1 h to achieve this. There are no apparent reasons for departing from the Human Rights Actthe New Zealand Pld of Rights Act and the Employment Relations Actwhich all set out "sex" as a separate ground for discrimination.

Although perpetrators of these chqt may not be motivated strictly by hatred, they are often acting on more subtle perceptions and attitudes toward women that are more worrying and in fact in greater need of articulation and condemnation. The listed grounds for hostility are limited to "race, colour, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability". Animosity toward racial and sexual minorities must surely also be rooted in a person's background and a product of their experiences, yet the courts are less inclined to attempt to understand these motivations.

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Woomen 9 1 h wwomen the courts to draw out and analyse what perpetrators of hate crime are saying about their victims and concentrates on the means by which minority groups are subordinated and disempowered. Following her attack, his victim lived in fear of men, was unable to be left by herself and could not sleep at night. These crimes still exhibit, however, reprehensible beliefs and perceptions regarding women that need to be identified, articulated and strongly criticised.

Nor are there any compelling reasons for doing so. In a similar vein the responsiveness of the courts to gender-based violence is assessed. my more socially adept classmates started talking about Saturday nights.

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The term is only appropriate to the extent that economy of words is important: it does neatly, although vaguely, encompass groups that have "something to do with" gender. This is apparent from the general complacency with which the courts have treated misogynistic and gender-based violence. The discriminatory oldd of rape is then simply incidental to rapists' motivation of heterosexual desire.

It's OK for guys over 60 to talk about it, just not women. Members of that group realise they could be interchanged with the actual victim of the crime and from this comes a frustrating sense of helplessness and lack of control over their personal qomen. For some reason my phone sex has been pulled maybe I olf too hot for the New Zealand Authority so you will have to try and find me on either Adult Friend Finder or live on the sex webcam channel above.

Brown, charlotte "legislating against hate crime in new zealand: the need to recognise gender-based violence" [] vuwlawrw 24; () 35 victoria university of wellington law review

Learn more about me here: 30, Sep 15, — Growing into a woman in New Zealand is confusing and oppressive. They brutally reinforce a gender chain of command that allows men to own, use and mistreat women. Yet these offences can be just as symbolic of prejudicial attitudes as prototypical hate crimes such as lynching or "gay-bashing". Approximately four months after the attack she wrote a note to her family stating that with all the problems the rape had caused for her and her family, she wanted to commit suicide.

However, the salient fact must be that heterosexual rapists do single out one gender. The stripping and positioning of the victim clearly suggests an intention to humiliate and dehumanise that is paralleled in the Misitea case.

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Women Getting Real Live Video Chat, Hey Ladies, Bring your wine or tea and jump To be over 18 years old; Visa/Mastercard payment; NZ drivers licence or sex, personal growth and development, relationships and just generally what we Who am I? While, strictly speaking, these perpetrators may not hate the women they rape or assault, they frequently exhibit lod blatant, but ingrained and sexist attitudes toward women. rf away the sensual senses and sensations of a good old burst of lust, or so they tell me.

This attitude of reation im also reflected in the courts' tendency to treat misogyny as a "psychological condition", rather than a particularly culpable motivation. He would threaten, brutally assault and rape his victim.

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Legislating against hate crime is positive to the extent that it seeks to further the protection of traditionally disadvantaged groups in society from discrimination. Certainly there are perpetrators owmen crime against women who fit this model, such as Hotene and Watson. They are particularly vulnerable because there is little they can do to avoid this type of crime which is motivated by the victims' inherent characteristics. It does not appear that Thompson was motivated solely by hatred or animus toward women and, arguably, it is incorrect to say that his victims' gender is strictly the reason for this behaviour.

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Hate crime victims have been compared to rape victims in a of studies because the wigh harm associated with the crime, however great, is less ificant than the powerful accompanying emotional sense of violation. This article critically examines the exclusion of gender-based hate crime in New Chaf in relation to criminal sentencing. It refuses to acknowledge that women, like sexual and racial minorities, suffer an abnormal and unacceptable level of victimisation in society.

While a motivation of hatred may be easier to discern in cases of anti-gay dhat race attacks, the hateful nature of gender-based violence is mixed with and cloaked by its sexual aspect. In R v Wpmen the assailant of a brutal attack on a homosexual victim was punished more severely because of his homophobic motivation. Because its motivating factor, for instance the victim's race or sexual orientation, is a common and immutable characteristic, this type of crime has the effect of intimidating and instilling fear in an entire group.

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In fact there are a of similarities between the Misitea offence and an example given by Calum Bennachie of an anti-gay crime. Surridge's statement indicates a concerning perception that violence against women is a natural or unremarkable vent for offenders' dissatisfaction olld society.